It is my heart’s desire that you enjoy and are encouraged by the songs on these CDs as much as I have enjoyed putting them together for you.

Tish and I love and appreciate each and everyone of you. Our prayer is that the Lord will bless you through the songs He has given me to share with you.


Phone In Heaven Superpack

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Superpack includes:

  1. Country For The Heart Video Collection
  2. Buildin’ A Better Country CD
  3. Phone In Heaven T-Shirt. (2XL & up extra)
S P E C I A LRenewHarvest Pack

Harvest Pack

  1. Includes 5 Buildin’ A Better Country CDs
  2. Expect a Harvest when you Share.
  3. Inspirational Country Music

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Fan Pack

  1. Includes the Mission Country Black Cap
  2. Buildin’ A Better Country CD


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Mission 39 Combo

  1. Includes the NEW Mission Country on the Row Distressed Denim Cap
  2. Country Side of the Cross CD


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Country Side Variety Pack

  1. Country Side of the Cross T-Shirt - Long Sleeve Chocolate Brown Gildan 100% cotton with Cream Imprint
  2. Country Side of the Cross CD
  3. Country Side of the Cross 12 oz Coffee Mug White with Red Trim and Logo
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Promo Pack

1. Buildin A Better Country CD

2. Country Side of the Cross CD

3. New Vintage CD

4. Back in the Country Again CD

5. Pieces of my Heart CD

6. Hearts That Cheat No More CD

7. A Manuel Family Christmas CD

8. Country for the Heart Video Collection

9. Country Side of the Cross Coffee Mug

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Songs About Life



  1.  A Country New Song
  2.  Singing The Hell Out Of Country Music
  3.  Come Rock With Me
  4.  It Was His
  5.  Just What Daddy’s Do
  6.  Don’t Blame It On Me
  7.  Versions Of Jesus
  8.  Another Sunday Missing You
  9.  That Kind Of Start
  10.  Something That’s True
  11.  Things I Left At Church
  12.  If Santa Was A Cowboy
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Country Side of the Cross



  1.  Country Side Of The Cross
  2.  Get The Hell Out Of There
  3.  I Get Him Back
  4.  Good To Be Wrong
  5.  His Colorado
  6.  I’ve Already Prayed
  7.  Have You Seen Sue
  8.  Wrong Kind Of Grace
  9.  Infected By Grace
  10.  The One Who Holds The Pen
  11.  Timeshare Gospel
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Buildin A Better Country



  1.  Country Just Not The Neon Kind
  2.  Must’ve Come From The Devil
  3.  The Great Fixer Upper
  4.  Is Your Heart Talkin’
  5.  Grandpa Was Just Like That
  6.  Got My Name In The Big Book
  7.  Phone In Heaven
  8.  Get In My Way
  9.  Welcome To The Lost And Found
  10.  Hey Mister Devil

Mission Country Seed Pack

7 Full CDs Including:

  1.  Country Side of the Cross
  2.  New Vintage
  3.  Pieces Of My Heart
  4.  Back In The Country Again
  5.  A Manuel Family Christmas
  6.  Hearts That Cheat No More
  7.  Buildin’ A Better Country

Back in the Country Again



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  1.  Back In The Country Again
  2.  You Ain’t Got Me Yet
  3.  The River Flows
  4.  Angel Just For Me
  5.  Mama And Jesus
  6.  Case Of The Good Life
  7.  Trophy Of Grace
  8.  That Old Screen Door
  9.  I Like Being With You
  10.  Granny’s Song
  11.  Buildin’ A Better Country

Hearts That Cheat No More



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  1.  Me Without Him
  2.  Hearts That Cheat No More
  3.  Old Fashioned America
  4.  Love Is Coming Back Again
  5.  Gonna Find Me A Doctor
  6.  Right’s What’s Wrong With Me
  7.  Dreams Can Live Again
  8.  He’s Takin’ It Hard
  9.  When You Lose The Blues
  10.  Still Got The King

New Vintage Double CD



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  1.  Dreamin’
  2.  Hope For Short
  3.  Where’s The Family
  4.  Made Up My Mind
  5.  Last Night Among The Tombs
  6.  Try Jesus
  7.  Watcha Gonna Do
  8.  Learn As You Go
  9.  Give The King A Call
  10.  You Stop Searching
  11.  New Well
  12.  The Deal’s Still On
  13.  The Love You Used To Know
  14.  The Pen Remains
  15.  He’s A Friend
  16.  Pardon Me I’ve Been Pardoned
  17.  Give Me My Mountain
  18.  Here Comes The Blood Again
  19.  Red River Roll On
  20.  Gloryland Hold On
  21.  Look Who’s Laughing Now
MUSIC CDNow includes all 21 songs on 1 CD!

A Manuel Family Christmas



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  1.  Will I Be Home For Christmas
  2.  Christian Country Christmas
  3.  Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
  4.  Joy To The World
  5.  Christmas Dream
  6.  Take The X Out Of Your Christmas
  7.  Away In A Manger
  8.  Christmas Star
  9.  The Reason
  10.  Even Santa Ought To Know

Country For The Heart Video Collection DVD



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DVD Collection of 5 Concept Videos along with a Pre-production Interview where Mike talks about each video. These videos have almost 3 Million Social Media Views collectively!

Video Content

  1. The River Flows
  2. That Old Screen Door
  3. Old Fashioned America
  4. Phone In Heaven
  5. Where’s The Family
  6. Interview

Pieces of My Heart




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  1.  Lot’s Of Coffee (Folgers)
  2.  Pieces Of His Heart
  3.  If She Only Knew
  4.  Like This
  5.  The Love Man
  6.  All In My Book
  7.  Together
  8.  Little Boy Love
  9.  Beautiful Lady
  10.  I Got A Real Love
  11.  Happy Ending
  12.  Lot’s Of Coffee (Maxwell House)
  13.  Lot’s Of Coffee (Starbucks)
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